I presently use two kilns to bring my efforts to fruition. My first kiln, a three chamber noborigama I built in 1987. In the autumn of 2004 with the help of enthusiastic Canadian potter Lee Clark I built an anagama kiln. This kiln was modeled from Japanese master Shiho Kanzaki’s anagama. The spring of 2008 I was most fortunate to have assisted with a firing in Shigaraki by the grace of Kanzaki san sensei. He along with Shigaraki potter Furutani Michio are credited of reviving the anagama from medieval Japan. This kiln has a firebox and four levels where I place my pots. The anagama is buried half underground, 40 foot long and was built on a 3 and 1 incline. To achieve the effect and results I desire the kiln is fired for ten days and ten cord of split pine is consumed. Constant attending around the clock is needed which is usually broken down in three shifts.

If you are interested in participating in the next firing (kamataki) please contact me for details. (870) 363-4264.

Scenes from a firing – Photographs by Shazieh Gorji:

Anagama “Cavelight” – Kiln Construction:

Noborigama “Falstaff”:

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