Oct 172010

Dear Friends and Collectors of my work,

Greetings, I hope everyone had an enjoyable summer, as hot as it was, I suspect most are happy that Autumn has arrived. I’m writing to inform you of my annual Autumn Kamataki (firing) and the tradition I adopted two years ago of sharing and viewing the fruit of my labor, as I unbrick and open the sealed kiln. There is a sense of suspense and mystique as all look into the firebox and chamber of the kiln to view the works. Then everyone handles the warm works as they are excitingly passed out of the kiln. I’m truly grateful for those of you who have ventured out for this experience in the past. The highlight and climax of the art potter’s life, which this potter desires, the revealing of a rare timeless beauty. I hope that many of you will follow the other clay enthusiasts and make the drive into the colorful festive season of the Ozarks to Fox, and celebrate with me the opening of my anagama wood kiln, “Cave Light”. Before the opening of the kiln I will have tasteful refreshment and you can view my works from previous firings. Last year I had a raffle, only no money was involved and gave away one of my works. I think everyone had fun with this, especially me, an opportunity to give a gift and express appreciation for the people interested in what I do.

This year I’m very pleased to have Shigaraki kiln builder and fire artist Yasuhiro Hora to assist me with the kamataki. Hora san has worked and assisted master potter Shiho Kanzaki for many years. Kanzaki san sensei is credited with reviving the anagama (cave or hole) kiln from medieval Japan. I met Hora san when I assisted Kanzaki san sensei’s firing in the spring of 2008 in Shigaraki. Kindness and fearlessness are qualities that come to mind when I think of Hora san, I took an immediate liking to him. I’m very honoured that Yasuhiro has come so far, 7,000 miles to work with me to attempt to manifest beauty. Arigato Gozaimasu Sensei.

I hope that some of you who have had a taste of this event will have an appetite for more and that others will have their curiosity aroused and sense of adventure inspired. Yasuhiro san and I kindly and humbly invite you to be our guest for my 2010 Kamataki Opening Celebration, my annual party.

May there be jewels!

Saturday 30 October 1:00 Kiln Opening
Sunday 31 October 11:00 – 6:00 Viewing and Sale
Saturday 06 November 11:00 – 6:00 Studio Exhibit
Sunday 07 November 11:00 – 6:00 Studio Exhibit

RSVP optional but not required.


Joe Bruhin

I would like to thank everyone who attended the kiln opening to help me celebrate the 2009 harvest, it was a special day for me and we were blessed with a gorgeous day to see what was manifested and the birth of many pots.  The Iga jars were especially beautiful (my very best), there was a vase manifested that I’m in love with and a small bottle that is jewel like (a blessing).  There were surfaces and colors that I have never seen before, most satisfying.  A very special thank you to my excellent firing crew:  Alysha Macphearson from Cincinnati, Adam Bogosian from Boston, Chuck Pate from Indianapolis and to my assistant Collin Cavote who has been a great help to me throughout the cycle.  Thank you!!!  I’m deeply grateful for all your efforts to help manifest beauty.