Sep 142009

Dear Friends and Collectors of my work,

Greetings,I hope everyone is able to enjoy the splendor and color of the season.  November 9th, I will have the lighting ceremony of my anagama kiln and fire it for ten days.  Many of you now know that my kiln openings are no longer a private affair and that I encourage and welcome all interested to experience and share what will be revealed from cavelight (my anagama).  For those who are more than interested:   I invite you to drop by and see the kiln being fired (the 9th thru 18th) and possibly throw some wood in the firebox.

I plan the Autumn firing around the peak of the season for a most festive and beautiful atmosphere for all to enjoy.  Forgive me, for this year I felt it was necessary to push up the firing date, so the kiln opening may not be at optimum which is always the goal.  Last August, I rushed to Florida to be with my mother who was put on life support.  She survived the pulling of the tube but passed on a few weeks later.  Ten days after my Mother’s passing my father followed her. It’s interesting to me that their sixteen year old dog, Mollie (who they adored), died a few days before my mother.  Seems to me there was some kind of bonding or union there.  I dedicate this firing to my mother and father.  For me this kamataki (firing) will have even more significance and I’m certain I will feel connected to them while tending the fire.

I cordially invite you to my Autumn kiln opening.  This year I thought it would be fun to give away one of my works before we open the kiln, somewhat like a raffle, (only there will be no money involved).  I look forward and would be honoured to share with you my efforts for beauty.  Whatever the results may be I believe it will be interesting and enjoyed by all.  Of course my wish is my intentions will be realized and manifest as we view and hold the warm new works  that come forth from the kiln.  May there be jewels!

  • Saturday    28 November    1:00       Kiln Opening
  • Sunday      29 November    11:00 – 6:00   Viewing and Sale
  • Saturday    05 December     11:00 – 6:00     Studio Exhibit

RSVP optional but not required


Joe Bruhin
3253 Red River Road
Fox, Ar   72051
870 363 4264

One final note.  I would like to thank all who have invited me to be their friend on Facebook.  I have not responded for I just have not found time to participate. . . Thank you!!!  I’m touched and appreciate your gesture.


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